Emily Fong is an artist and community maker who heard the call to make art her life’s work after studying architecture between Australia and France. Since then she has followed the breadcrumbs of inspiration to teach art and life drawing, work as an Artist in Residence in Italy and Scotland, participate in a landscape painting television competition and collaborate with composers to incorporate drawing into live performance. While Emily is a born artist – her ability to create community and inspire other artists is just as innate. Through her drawing, painting, sculpture and writing Emily explores life and death, embodiment and emotion and what it is like to be a human inside a physical container. Join us for this fascinating episode and discover how Emily’s preoccupation with radicchios in Italy led to an Artist Residency with scientists in Scotland. This episode is for anyone ready to take their creativity to the next level. As part of this Emily shares valuable tips to encourage budding creatives to take the next step with their art.

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