How do we flip the switch on fear? How can we overcome it and use it as a tool to guide us to what we really want?  Why are we talking about fear? Because anything that any of us really want is on the other side of our fear. Whether it’s a new business, job, new relationship or losing weight … whatever is bringing up the most fear for us is actually the thing we most want to achieve. But somehow, our fear stands in our way from achieving our highest goals and dreams.


This episode is the second in our two-part series on overcoming fear. In it, I share with you how to overcome fear with 7 strategies that will help you overcome your fear. 


Last week we talked about what fear is and I gave you six reasons to change your relationship with fear. To listen to that visit Episode 50 of our podcast.


If you feel your fear has kept you playing small and feeling frustrated listen to this episode for some practical tips to revolutionise your relationship with fear forever!

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