Self-love – how to feel more of it and how to be more consistent at it? Self-love is such a loaded topic for so many of us yet so important if we want to live a happy life.

In this episode I share nine steps that have helped me to revolutionise my relationship with myself. By following these steps I’ve managed to quiet the inner critic and really turn up the volume on a much kinder and loving voice in my head.

I’m literally sharing what I’ve done on my own journey – so each step is very practical and, most importantly, I know they work.

My hope is they will help you revolutionise your relationship with you. Because when we’re more loving toward ourselves we’re so much more able to do more of what matters most to us.

So if you’re thinking about where self-love sits in your life and if you feel like you’d like to work on your own self-love project please listen!!!

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