Do you own your own personal power? Do you feel like you’re Wonder Woman in a tricky business or work situation or do you feel the opposite? Are you comfortable sharing your message with the world or do you want to hide in the corner? Do you feel free to say “no” when you need to in a personal situation?


This week on Your Freedom Unlimited we are talking about owning your personal power. This is such a powerful concept that can either bring goosebumps of excitement – or a cold shiver – if deep down we feel like we’re not really owning our power.


Why are we talking about it? Because I believe owning your power is such a vital part of personal happiness … when we own our power we’re more likely to get out there and do the things that matter most to us. Without it, we can stay paralysed in the corner with fear.


Listen to this episode to find out exactly what true personal power is, and the five reasons I believe owning your personal power is so vitally important!

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