Do you give yourself permission to shine your light or share your voice? Can you speak your truth when you need to? Do you own your personal power? 

Last week we talked about what it looks like to own your personal power and the benefits of owning your personal power.

This week I’m sharing seven steps to help you own your personal power.

This is such a big topic that I'm super passionate about so thank you for being here with me.

Before we go on let me just about the fact that I really do believe owning your personal power is absolutely critical to your personal happiness and fulfilment in your life. Why? To me the purpose of life is about remembering who we truly are, expanding into this full potential, to help others and to have fun! 

The best way we can do this is feel comfortable with ourselves and own our personal power. When we feel this way we have the confidence and the internal assuredness to be able to step forward and do the things we might want to do in our lives. As you know that's what this podcast is all about – how to do those things that matter most to you. 


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