Have you ever struggled with making hard decisions? It could be deciding to leave your well paid job to start a new business, changing careers, starting a new relationship, deciding on medical treatment or moving to a new city or home.


This week on Your Freedom Unlimited I'm excited to be sharing with you 7 steps to making hard decisions easier. How? By tapping into your own intuition and inner knowing – your own innate power.


Making hard decisions has been top of mind for me lately as there’s a big debate in Australia right now about the Covid-19 vaccine. There’s a lot of discussion in our media and in our community – with a lot of for and against information in the mix. It's become very polarizing … and fear-based on both sides of the argument. So I also share on this episode how I’ve used my 7 steps to make that decision.


This episode is for anyone who struggles with how to make a hard decision and is especially useful for anyone sensitive or who may experience high functioning anxiety. How do I know? Because I’ve travelled that road and I know how much easier, and gentler, this inspired approach is … after what feels like a lifetime of finding it hard to make good decisions.


Looking back I can see how my fear – through my high functioning anxiety – corrupted my decision-making process. These are the tips I wish I had a long time ago.


In the episode I also mention my How to Meditate for Beginners Guide. To get it just visit



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